Xanadu box


The year is 1252 and the great Kublai Khan has decided to build his summer palace. He has searched for the best architects and they are looking to win fame and prestige. Sometimes you have to harm other architects’ prestige to steps forward.

Xanadú is a highly interactive cardgame. A player can use his/her cards as buildings, that are sources for raw materials for the owner but also for other players. Or you can use your cards as workers to retrieve materials. The players will compete to earn the highest quantity of “tong baos”, the currency in the game. They do so by selling their constructions to the Khan. Xanadu is a strategy game of building and sabotage, for casual and experienced players.

Xanadu components

Download the rulebooks here: Dutch, English, French and German.

Rulebooks only available for download: Spanish.