Terramara: Wooden Components and Rules

Over the last months, we elaborated on the mechanics in Terramara, and revealed its Game Board, some Artefacts and the Characters. But we did not show you the wooden components yet, until now!

The set of wooden components for the Red player is depicted below, consisting of 4 Flags, 1 Military token, 1 Canoe, 2 Caravans, 6 Explorers and 1 Chieftain. There are three more of these sets in the game, in colors blue, green, and yellow. The picture also shows 4 Warriors and the Round Marker.

Your clan initially consists of a Chieftain and 4 Explorers. A 5th Explorer can be added to your clan while making progress on the River with your Canoe. The 6th Explorer is used when choosing a specific starting setup. Flags are left at Outposts when you visit them, potentially awarding you Victory Points at game end. Your Military token is used to track your Military Strength. Finally, you can travel over the Road with you Caravans.

We hope you liked our previews, but we perfectly understand you are eager to know even more about Terramara ;)! You do not have to wait any longer, since the rules are available now. You can download the English rules here. Other available languages include: German, Dutch, and French.