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This bundle includes Counterfeiters, Raiatea and Firenze. Originally funded through Kickstarter. Stretch Goals are available separately for Counterfeiters, Raiatea and Firenze. Or they can all be added against a discount in this bundle deal.

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Players act as Counterfeiters, printing fake bills and exchanging them for the real thing. The Godfather can help them avoid the police, but his protection comes at a cost… The game ends when the police complete their investigations into the counterfeiting industry; the winner will be the player with the most ‘real’ (non-counterfeit) money!

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Carson City: Big Box features the base game Carson City, originally released in 2009, and the expansions Gold & Guns and Horses & Heroes. The game is played in four rounds, and in each one of them, the players choose one of the characters, which give certain advantages. When there are several players claiming the same action, [...]