Masterprint Mini’s available now!

We are excited to announce that two pallets full of games arrived at our warehouse last Friday. These pallets contain our three new Masterprint Mini titles Animalia, Legends of Hellas and Agropolis plus the Mini Expansion set! Sending out pre-orders in our webshop started immediately afterwards. As the games are now in stock, new webshop orders will be shipped out as soon as possible, provided your order doesn’t contain any pre-order items.

This also ended the discounted pre-order prices period for these individual items. But don’t worry, as you are still able to grab your discount by ordering our Masterprint Mini Bundle 2022! It consists of the three new mini games ánd the mini expansion set for Sprawlopolis, Circle the Wagons, Stew and Tussie Mussie. Instead of the usual price point of almost € 45 combined, it is attractively priced at only € 37,95. No reason to wait any longer, so grab your bundle today in our webshop.