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Masterprint Mini’s available now!

We are excited to announce that two pallets full of games arrived at our warehouse last Friday. These pallets contain our three new Masterprint Mini titles Animalia, Legends of Hellas and Agropolis plus the Mini Expansion set! Sending out pre-orders in our webshop started immediately afterwards. As the games are now in stock, new webshop orders […]

Agropolis + Mini Expansion Set

We kick off with our penultimate Spring 2022 release, which is closely related to the highly popular and awarded Sprawlopolis. We are talking about the next game in line, Agropolis, which includes all of its existing expansions and Combopolis (to combine Agropolis with Sprawlopolis). Agropolis, cards layout example Agropolis is a stand-alone expansion to Sprawlopolis, […]

Tussie Mussie

We proudly announce that the next title in our Masterprint Mini series will be Tussie Mussie! This game is designed by Elizabeth Hargrave (author of the widely beloved Wingspan). Tussie Mussie was first issued by Button Shy Games, for which Quined Games acts as a licensing partner, making this neat and clever design available throughout […]

Terramara, Masterprint 25

We hereby proudly announce our second 2019 release. This will be the 25th addition to our Masterprint series: Terramara! Terramara is designed by four designers: Virginio Gigli, Flaminia Brasini, Stefano Luperto and Antonio Tinto. They are well known for Leonardo da Vinci (our 1st Masterprint release, 12 years ago) and Egizia. Virginio Gigli and Flaminia […]

La Stanza, Masterprint 24

Today we provide more details on our upcoming release: La Stanza. This game is created by two well-known designers, who designed beloved games Madeira, Nippon and Panamax: Nuno Bizarro Sentieiro and Paulo Soledade. On their turn, players move their “Patron” through the different rooms to recruit the characters that better serve their interest along the way. Characters increase the strength of […]

Agra has been nominated for the International Gamers Awards 2018!

We are proud to announce that Agra has been nominated for the International Gamers Awards 2018! The backstory on the website of the International Gamers Awards reads as follows: The International Gamers Awards were created to recognize outstanding games and designers, as well as the companies that publish them. The awards are truly international in […]

Live on Kickstarter: Masterprints 2018

This news post is to let you know that the Kickstarter Campaign featuring our three upcoming releases for Spiel 2018 is live! This year we’ll bring you the first Full Masterprint Experience on Kickstarter. This means you’ll be able to get every 2018 Masterprint release through pledging this kickstarter. The Masterprint collection is the series of games Quined Games has been publishing since […]

Firenze (2nd edition), Masterprint 23

We hereby introduce our third new release for Spiel 2018: Firenze (2nd edition). This game probably needs less of an introduction, since it was already released back in 2010, was well rated but never became widely available. We are delighted to announce that Firenze finally gets its long-awaited reprint, fully language-independent through the use of simple yet elegant iconography on the games’ cards! We are happy […]

Counterfeiters, Masterprint Pocket 3

This week, we would like to present Counterfeiters, the second of our three Spiel releases. This game will be number 3 in our Masterprint Pocket Series and along with the other two games will be available in our Kickstarter campaign, launching early August 2018. Counterfeiters takes place in Miami, Florida, and has players competing to turn fake cash into real riches. Through […]

Raiatea, Masterprint 22

In each of the coming weeks we will announce a new title for release at Spiel 2018. We would now like to present Raiatea, the first of three upcoming releases. This game will be number 22 in our Masterprint Series and along with the other two games will be available from our Kickstarter campaign, launching in early August 2018.Raiatea is situated on the French Polynesian […]

Gen Con Pick-up

Gen Con Pick-up pre-orders are now open. This means that our products can be ordered without any shipping costs when you come visit us at booth #1556 to pick-up your order. To do so, please select the shipping option ‘Gen Con Pick-up’ when finishing your order in our webshop. Our new releases at Gen Con […]


News bundles

For both Keyflower and La Cosa Nostra, we added a deal to our webshop containing the base game, expansion(s) and (a) promo(s). These deals are valid while stocks last. The regular price for all Keyflower products contained in the Keyflower bundle is 95€, while the bundle only costs 69.95€. The La Cosa Nostra bundle is priced at […]

Agra is back in stock!


This morning, a container filled with copies of Agra did arrive in our warehouse. The box of this reprint features our shiny new logo! All back-orders will be send out today. Want to place an order containing Agra? You can do so in our webshop. Note that from a total order amount of 100€ (Netherlands, Belgium […]

Webshop additions

Webshop additions

Last month, we have extensively updated and improved parts of our website. Relevant information on all Master Print games, including many rulebooks and a components picture for each game are now available. Furthermore, we made several webshop additions, including Keyflower: Key Celeste, Xanadú and Vanuatu: Rising Waters. The latter is meant for Vanuatu first edition owners […]