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Carson City: Gold & Guns is the first full expansion for the strategy game Carson City. It contains updated new buildings, new double-sided characters, the “Indian” character and a separate expansion called “The Outlaws”.

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PRE-ORDER, RELEASE: JULY 2018. In Carson City – The Card Game, each player is in charge of the development of a city. You and your opponents try to choose the most lucrative parcels of land and buildings. You then have to place these parcels and buildings wisely so as to make your city as prosperous as [...]


PRE-ORDER, RELEASE: JULY 2018. This surprise personality Lawyer / Editor card was made especially for our 10th anniversary and was first published in the Carson City: Big Box Kickstarter campaign. On the cards’ art you can see Arno, the founder and owner of Quined Games. During the day he is a lawyer and in his free [...]