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The Kickstarter campaign for Carnegie is now live! This webshop item is intended for review copies, group buys and retailers only. Carnegie was inspired by the life of Andrew Carnegie who was born in Scotland in 1835. Andrew Carnegie and his parents emigrated to the United States in 1848. Although he started his career as [...]


This bundle inlcudes our Spiel 2019 Masterprint Mini releases Sprawlopolis, Circle the Wagons & Stew together with our brand new 2020 Masterprint Mini release Tussie Mussie! These games come in small portable boxes and only consist of 18 cards but offer great gameplay and variety. Sprawlopolis and Circle the Wagons contain a small notepad as [...]


Tussie-Mussie is based on a Victorian fad that assigned meanings to the flowers that friends and lovers exchanged. Featuring I-Divide-You-Choose drafting, this microgame of 18 cards is played over three rounds. In turn, players look at the top two cards of the deck, then offer them, one face-up and one facedown, to an opponent. That opponent [...]


In Sprawlopolis, 1-4 players work together to build a new city from the ground up. Using only 18 cards and a variable scoring system, the game is never the same twice. Each turn, players will play 1 card from their hand to the growing city, trying to score as many points as possible. Players will have [...]