Carson City solo mode

Carson City Big Box box

We are currently developing a solo mode for Carson City. Read on to learn how to participate in this process.

Carson City Big Box is coming to Kickstarter again soon, We┬┤ll be printing a 2nd edition once again due to populair demand. This is our classic and we want to keep sharing this wonderfull product with old and new players alike. We feel the game in it’s big box form is the perfect package. There could have been 1 more addition to this perfect package, which is a solo mode.

The author Xavier Georges has come up with this solo mode, consisting of a 15 card Automa deck. We would like you to participate in testing this solo mode. If you register here you will be contacted in due time. By registering you also get access to the feedback file on our drive and we’d very much like to hear from you if there need to be any changes made. Please keep in mind that you need a copy of Carson City to test this solo mode.

In this solo mode you’ll be taking on fictional player Jeb Standish who is a rich inhabitant trying to cross you at every turn. If you manage to defeat standish, which will not be an easy feat, you’ll be rewarded all the riches. Please submit your strategy on how you beat him and we’ll be able to tweak the solo mode to be the best experience possible.

Changes between Big Boxes

This ‘new’ Big Box version is going to be very similair to the last one. All features that are in the last version will be in this one as well. The Biggest change is the addition of Character nr. 19 Father Christmas, which came out in the Board Game Advent Calendar 2018. And the Solo mode will be included in the box. During the Kickstarter campaign the solo mode will be available for purchase to everyone who already owns the game. The solo mode will be distributed in a zip lock bag with its rules included.

Apart from these small changes there are going to be enhancements for various parts available during the kickstarter campaign from Meeple Realty.