Halloween came early this year

Halloween box

We are happy and proud to announce our first game release of 2017!


It’s Halloween… time to haunt poor unfortunate humans, that think it’s all fun and games but wait until you unleash ghosts upon this little town. Use your knowledge and wit to summon ghosts, move them around town, scare people and even fight other ghosts… because only one demon lord can boast being the scariest demon lord of them all.

Halloween is a tactical game for 2 to 4 players where you take on the role of a demon lord, that controls the many ghosts on the board. Carefully plan your actions through a unique mechanism that allows you to manage multiple ghosts. Use one of the numerous action cards that can give you great tactical advantage and outwit your opponents. Featuring 25 highly detailed sculptures by the incredibly talented Stéphane Simon and amazing artwork by Konstantin Vohwinkel, this game will bring a fun challenge to the table!

This game will be the 20th entry in the Masterprint series. It will run on Kickstarter before the summer. Halloween is a medium heavy euro game, designed by Angelo de Maio. Playtime is between 45 – 90 min. The game will feature rules in four different languages, English, Dutch, French and German. The game material is language independent.