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Papa Paolo

 45.00  35.00

Papa Paolo brings you to the beautiful city of Naples, birthplace of one of the world’s favorite dishes: pizza. In Papa Paolo, players compete to deliver the most pizzas to the hungry customers of Naples. To do this, you must outsmart your rivals by being a clever investor, bidding on the right city tiles, and creating [...]


PRE-ORDER, RELEASE: JULY 2018. This surprise personality Lawyer / Editor card was made especially for our 10th anniversary and was first published in the Carson City: Big Box Kickstarter campaign. On the cards’ art you can see Arno, the founder and owner of Quined Games. During the day he is a lawyer and in his free [...]


PRE-ORDER, RELEASE: JULY 2018. The Ambabari Elephant is an Agra promo card. The traditional Indian style of dressing these elephants was widely used to decorate the elephants of the Maharaj or the King. It was one of the most stylish and luxurious ways of travelling for the royal families. This Ambabari elephant belongs to the level 3 notables. The [...]