Animalia: Preventing Extinction

Early this Spring, we will publish three new games ánd an expansion set in our Masterprint Mini Series. Today, we discuss the first new game, number 5 in the series, which is called Animalia: Preventing Extinction. This game is designed by Gerben Ernst and Michiel Hendriks. Gerben Ernst is a brand new author, but Michiel Hendriks is already known for his succesful Legacy: The Testament of Duke de Crecy, published by Portal Games and licensed by IELLO and Pegasus Spiele. Animalia: Preventing Extinction is the newest creation by these authors!

Continent cards

In this cooperative trick-taking card game you will attempt, on behalf of the IWC, to conduct research on endangered animals. As you do so, you will also raise funds that the IWC can use to protect animals and create global awareness of the animals’ plight. These goals can only be achieved if you communicate well and work together as a team. Each round consists of a series of 8 turns for each player, called tricks. The first Animal card played in a trick determines that trick’s color. The other players must follow suit by playing an Animal card of the same color, if possible. Whoever plays the highest-valued card in a trick’s color wins that trick.

Animal cards (Europe)

When all tricks are played, each player with one or more Mission cards must fulfill their mission(s) by collecting (in their trick pile) all of the Animal cards listed on their Mission card(s). If even one of the missions has not been successfully completed, the players immediately lose the game. However, if all players’ Mission cards have been successfully completed, those Mission cards are set aside and the players continue on to the next round. If you would like to read through the full rules, they can be found in English here.

Mission cards

Like the previous titles in our Masterprint Mini series, Animalia: Preventing Extinction comes in a small and portable magnetic flip-box. The box art was done by Loïc Billiau, the same artist that created the boxes for the first four entries of the series. He also created the game’s beautiful card art, this time around.

The MSRP of this game is 11.95€ and it will be available early Spring 2022. Pre-orders are now open in our webshop. If you place your pre-order before the games arrive in our warehouse, you can benefit from the pre-order price of 9.95€. We will also offer an even more attractively-priced Mini Bundle 2022, consisting of all three new mini games and the expansion set, priced at only 34.95€. This bundle is already for sale, but keep an eye out for more information about the other three titles in upcoming news posts :).