New releases Q2 2018

Starting in Q2 of this year, we continue expanding our Masterprint Pocket series. Our first new release is the second addition to this series: Carson City – The Card Game. The game uses a nifty trick taking mechanic to determine who goes first each round. Instead of building a town together, which was the case in Carson City, you now build a town by yourself. Each building rates your town differently, not to mention the various characters that help you out in concentrating on certain strategies.

Carson City - The Card Game mock-up

Our second new release for Q2 this year is an expansion for La Cosa Nostra. This expansion, La Cosa Nostra: Guns for Hire, adds specialized gangsters to the game. Each round now starts with a ‘purchase Gangster’-phase, in which players are able to recruit one of these specialized Gangsters. Each faction has their own perk, for instance the Bad Hombres will increase your Attack Jobs, or the Yakuza are able to lower the costs of Business Cards. This expansion will not feature a box, but only a cellophane deck, such that you can immediately add it to the base game!

La Cosa Nostra: Guns for Hire

Pre-orders for those new releases will be opened from Friday March 16th.