Raiatea, Masterprint 22

In each of the coming weeks we will announce a new title for release at Spiel 2018. We would now like to present Raiatea, the first of three upcoming releases. This game will be number 22 in our Masterprint Series and along with the other two games will be available from our Kickstarter campaign, launching in early August 2018.Raiatea is situated on the French Polynesian island of the same name. In each of the game’s action rounds, each player will choose a different location on the island. Each location provides different actions, and the leading player (Kahuna) at that location receives a bonus. After several action rounds, a ceremony round will take place.

In the ceremony rounds, players may be able to perform rituals that will provide them with major benefits. However, this is much harder than it looks, since rituals are performed in order of increasing cost and are paid for from a shared pool. Players will put blind bids into a bag. Bidding lots of mana will increase the chance that you will be able to perform your expensive rituals, but it will also help other players. You can also try to take advantage of your fellow players by bidding very little mana. In the end, some win, and some lose…Jan Schmidt designed Raiatea. The game accommodates 3-5 players and takes about 60-120 minutes to play. The game’s illustrations are by Franz Vohwinkel, who has illustrated many other board games. The English rules for Raiatea can be found here, for the other languages at the bottom of the Raiatea game page.