Counterfeiters, Masterprint Pocket 3

This week, we would like to present Counterfeiters, the second of our three Spiel releases. This game will be number 3 in our Masterprint Pocket Series and along with the other two games will be available in our Kickstarter campaign, launching early August 2018. Counterfeiters takes place in Miami, Florida, and has players competing to turn fake cash into real riches. Through strategic placement of their three animal pawns, players will take actions that include upgrading their printing capabilities and their opportunities to turn bad bills into cold, hard cash. They’ll have to be careful, though, as the police are right on their tails! The Godfather will protect the counterfeiters, but his help is expensive. Players can guard their assets through clever play and the well-timed use of their offshore account; the player with the most real money at the end of the game will be the winner! Counterfeiters was designed by Olivier Bourgeois and illustrated by Ian O’Toole. The game accommodates 2-4 players and takes 35 minutes to play. The English rules for Counterfeiters can be found here. For other languages, please see the bottom of the Counterfeiters game page.