Agra, looking at a player board

As promised, we continue revealing more and more information about Agra, our upcoming release. Recently, we have added the game page for Agra, featuring some general information about the game. Also, a picture of the game components is shown and the rules can be found in our four usual languages. Today, we take a look into the player board by means of two pictures.

The Player Board

On the first picture, you see the the left part of the top half of a player board. As a landowner, you can produce Sandstone, Wood, Cotton and Turmeric: those are the basic goods of the game. This is where your journey will start. You will move Farmers around this area and the more you produce of one good, the less you produce of another…

Player board up left

The lower half of your player board is where you can have your workers meditate. And as the game progresses, you can improve your meditation points, which will allow you to perform certain actions at the beginning of your turn…

Player board down left