Chocolatl box


Chocolatl is a game based on the fascinating history of the Aztecs, the legend of Quetzalquatl (=Chocolatl) and of course, Cacao: the fruit of the gods.

Each player starts the game with an identical deck of numbered bidding cards, which they will use to blind bid at six different board locations each turn. Each board location will gain you a certain benefit, ranging from scoring points, to upgrading you bidding deck, to allowing you to alter your blind bids. In addition, the type of blind bidding may vary from round to round depending on the leader’s position on the score track. Some rounds you may bid all twelve of your cards on the six locations (two cards per location) all simultaneously, others you may do each location one at a time, and others you may bid one card at each location, reveal them, and then bid the rest of your cards once you’ve seen everyone’s first bids.

In the end, the player that is able to outguess his/her opponents and best manage his cocoa sacrifices will win the game!

Download the rulebooks here: Dutch, English, French and German.