Live on Kickstarter: Masterprints 2018

This news post is to let you know that the Kickstarter Campaign featuring our three upcoming releases for Spiel 2018 is live! This year we’ll bring you the first Full Masterprint Experience on Kickstarter. This means you’ll be able to get every 2018 Masterprint release through pledging this kickstarter.

The Masterprint collection is the series of games Quined Games has been publishing since 2006. The main purpose of publishing these Masterprints is to offer our customers games with a luxurious feel. The first four games in this series were reprints of existing games. Thereafter, newly developed games were added to the series and the year 2018 is no exception to that. As you can see, this year we will publish both a reprint (Firenze) and brand new games like Raiatea and Counterfeiters.

Although we are a renowned board game publisher, we still need the help of the community sometimes. Since 2015 we have had the help of the Kickstarter Board Game community, with a single campaign per year. This year, we try something different by offering all our Essen releases through Kickstarter. It is a bit of our dream to have a Masterprint style Kickstarter. So let’s make this dream come true!