Firenze (2nd edition), Masterprint 23

We hereby introduce our third new release for Spiel 2018: Firenze (2nd edition). This game probably needs less of an introduction, since it was already released back in 2010, was well rated but never became widely available. We are delighted to announce that Firenze finally gets its long-awaited reprint, fully language-independent through the use of simple yet elegant iconography on the games’ cards! We are happy to add Firenze as the 23rd game to our Masterprint Series.The author of Firenze is Andreas Steding, the game accommodates 2-4 players and takes 60 minutes to play. The game is beautifully illustrated by Michael Menzel and Andreas Resch did a great job on designing iconography for the games’ cards as well as adapting the cover such that it suits our Masterprint Series. The game rules and card overview in the four languages we are used to, will soon be available at the bottom of the Firenze game page.

Launching on Kickstarter the 15th of August, our upcoming releases Raiatea, Counterfeiters and Firenze (2nd edition) will be available. Both in an attractively priced bundle, as well as separately. Our other games will be available as add-ons.