Spiel 2018 pre-orders are open!

We have just opened our Spiel 2018 pre-orders. We have again set up the pre-order system via our webshop, which worked great last year. In this way, it is no longer required to bring cash to our booth and pay for your pre-orders there. Available for pre-order are the new additions to our Masterprint series and Masterprint Pocket series, to be released at Spiel 2018. We just succesfully funded on Kickstarter for our three new releases. These include Raiatea, Counterfeiters and Firenze. Pre-order prices are valid till Sunday October 21. After their release at Spiel 2018, games will be send out from early November. Pre-ordering works in the same way as placing a regular order in our webshop, except that you choose ‘Spiel pick-up’. In this way, you do not have to pay shipping costs and you pick up your order at the Quined Games booth, 3M-117! You may also add other games in our webshop (that are in stock) to your pre-order.