The Game Changers

Today we would like to announce a special game we created. The author of the game is none other than Frank Quispel, one of the founders of Quined Games. His idea was to create a game that you can combine with any other game. This resulted in a game with 11 different modules to add to your games and it is called: The Game Changers. This little box holds 80 cards, which you can use to spice up your game. We’ll elaborate on two of these modules right now!


Foul Play

This Changer lets you cheat… as long as you don’t get caught! Lay out a number of “Foul Play” cards equal to the number of players. You may play dirty during the game, but if you are caught in the act you must take a yellow card and place it clearly visible in front of you (if possible, cover the red part of the card). If you are caught a second time, you receive a red card, which will not remain unpunished! A player must be caught cheating on their own turn. If it is already someone else’s turn, it is too late! If players cannot agree as to whether or not an accused player has cheated, they must hold a vote.

Wild Cards

This Changer, which is split into five smaller modules, allows you to manage the flow of your game. These wild cards deal with analysis paralysis (modules a/b), making mistakes (c), speeding your game up (d), or slowing it down (e). You can decide to use any or all of these modules! At the start of your game, give each player one card from each module (a-e) that you have chosen to use.

On the game page on our website, you’ll find more info on the game and be able to download the English rules. This game will be released at Spiel 2018.