La Stanza: Final 48 Hours!

La Stanza, by Nuno Bizarro Sentieiro and Paulo Soledade has entered its final 48 hours on Kickstarter! To read through a draft of the game rules, please click here. All components that are contained in both the Basic and the Deluxe edition of the game are visible in the picture below.

All components in both the Basic and Deluxe edition of La Stanza

The Deluxe edition does not only contain this, but contains larger custom wooden parts instead and metal coins (instead of cardboard) right from the get go!

Upgraded components in the Deluxe edition of La Stanza
Side to side comparison of custom wooden components in La Stanza Basic (left) and Deluxe (right)

In addition, a lot of great Stretch Goals have been unlocked! Some for both the Basic and Deluxe edition of the game…

A notepad to easily calculate end game scoring
4 extra bonus tiles for added variation, for a total of 16 bonus tiles

… but even more for the Deluxe edition only.

A nicely decorated drawstring bag to shuffle character tiles
Embossing on title, coins and ornaments

But wait, there is more. Upon reaching € 50.000, we will add another 4 bonus tiles to both the Basic and Deluxe edition of the game, for a total of 20 bonus tiles. No game will ever be the same!

Another 4 bonus tiles, for a total of 20 bonus tiles

The Deluxe edition of La Stanza is only available right now on Kickstarter or in limited quantities in our webshop afterwards and via direct sales in the Quined Games booth at fairs we attend. But not for the low price we are offering on Kickstarter now. You have just slighthly over 1 day left to grab your Deluxe copy for this absolute bargain of € 59 (or only € 52.50 if you manage to set up a group/bundle pledge for 6 copies).

The best price for a Deluxe copy, ever!